How to make fertilizer concentration

I’m looking at getting the Ez-Flo 1 Gallon injector and I’m looking at the Grow More Fruit Fuel Fertilizer to use as my water soluble fertilizer. My question is how much fertilizer do I add to the Ez-Flo container. The directions with the fertilizer states 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. As I understand it the ez flo mixes a concentrate of the fertilizer to dilute into the irrigation water at the specified rate. So how much dry fertilizer do I add to the Ez Flo container.

Thank you

I have one with a 3 gallon tank,that is used for Blueberries.Anything added to it,gets more diluted,the longer the thing is on and receiving water.So I don’t think they are super accurate.
It also depends on how many plants are going to be fertilized.If this is going to be used in a drip system,the plants closest to the unit will most likely get more,than the ones at the end.In that case,the bigger plants,like trees should be

Thanks. I did finally find the answer to my question on the Ez-flo website. I have 3-4 zones I was wanting to use this system on individually. The first zone I was going to try has 6 trees and runs about 50 feet. I was thinking about the trees towards the end of the line getting a lesser amount of fertilizer through the system. Is there any way to combat this phenomenon? Are all fertigation systems subject to this flaw?

For something about the same price range or maybe even lower,check out a venturi type fertigator.They are more accurate,from what I’ve read.
Injectors like Dosatron or Dosmatic are much more precise,but the cost is