How to prevent larvae in my Nectaplums

This year my nectaplums are plagued by some kind of larvae. (Fortunately, the pluots and nectarines that are right next to the nectaplum didn’t get attacted, but I don’t know why.) The larva in the photo is 3/16" (5mm) long and has a black spot on one end. The photos of the fruit show the kind of damage they’re doing.

Is anybody able to tell me what type of larvae these are, and what I can to do prevent or minimize them next season? (I’d like to use an oganic method if possible)

Time to consider an Integrated Pest Management program.

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I would appreciate any specific recommendations.

Read the spray information in the guides section. I follow Alan’s schedule. I use Avaunt, Rally and Captan for my sprays

Since I am just a few miles from you, I would like to know how that spray program is working for you. My trees are just now getting into bearing age, so I have to get more serious about spraying. Curculio pressure is very high on my property.

The program is going very well for me. I sprayed 3 times this spring. I did not do a dormant spray as I dont think I have scale here. I started my schedule as soon as the petals were off my last fruit trees. I sprayed Avaunt, Rally, and Captan the first 2 sprays and then just Avaunt and Captan the last spray. I guess you are not supposed to spray Rally too much. I might have sprayed a 4th or 5th time but it has been a dry season.