How to print a thread?

Hi all;

I would like to print 19 posts within a thread. I don’t know how to proceed except printing one post at a time…

Thanks for help!


You could copy and paste them one at a time to a word processor and then print them all at once; you could quote them all, again one at a time, into one long post and print that.

Probably not what you’re looking for but the best work arounds I can come up with!


I mostly access the forum on Android, but I would think if you are on a desktop browser then you could probably print using the menu in the browser itself and that should be the whole thread, right?

This thread probably should be moved from “Lounge” to “About This Forum” so that it will be visible to all members once there’s an answer.

Thank you Mark with a K;

I thought about doing what you stated but was hoping for a quicker option…

Marc with a C

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Thanks but I’m using an iPad and I was hoping for a PRINT icon somewhere… I’ll do a simple copy/paste and print.