How to Propagate Hydroponic Pineapples


I have one pineapple in dirt and one in water as we speak. Hasn’t borne any fruit yet, but I’m still hopeful. It was planting carrots and potatoes and pineapples and avocados in water as a young girl that first introduced me to my lifelong love of growing. I remember windowsills filled with pots and glasses and saucers. Every table top had at least one green plant spilling over the edge.

It’s been full steam ahead ever since!!


We have had a pineapple going for three years now. Still no fruit. It must not be too happy.

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That was my experience as well in Kansas. My old ones died that i grew in partial ash.

I have grown a few in my greenhouse now, and they really struggle in winter, very prone to rot in the cool temperatures. After the fifth one looked sick in December I tossed it in the compost heap, and I’m not trying again.

Some things don’t seem to mind cool/dark winters, but pineapples aren’t one of those things.

They really flourish in summer, though, and I’m sure I could’ve brought them in the house, but my goal was to have a patch in the ground.

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