How to Prune new pear tree? (Odd structure)

Hi all,

I recently acquired a new pear tree. However, on closer inspection, I’m not entirely certain how to prune this one. No upright growing shoots ATM or facing buds. It has 3 main ‘branches’, but the growth shoots from these are very very thin/weak small shoots to the side. What do you think I should do?

Please note, my aim is for maximum fruit production at a reasonable height. (Hence why I initially liked the idea of a shorter but sideways growing pear tree). But my concern is that the currently growing branches and shoots are too weak. Or will new growth next year likely be stronger? Should I leave it as it is, or wait until winter and try a topping cut/s to force a better structure? Thanks.

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Please note, the initial heading/topping cut is around 1.2m off the ground, so it’s taller than it looks in the picture. (What’s the correct term for the initial heading cut?)


I don’t see anything wrong with those angles. Point the tree an inch to the side its a perfectly good branch off central.

Thanks for your feedback Kiwi, I was probably just bring paranoid!

Just to check, what do you mean point the tree an inch to its side?

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I don’t think I’d prune it at all this year, and I suspect very little next year. @clarkinks points out that pruning a pear too soon and hard just results in lots of vegetative growth!

Do try to train those branches down, though. Vertical growth is slower to produce fruit than more horizontal growth.


Hi Mark, thanks for your response.

Agreed, I’ll leave it this year, and see where we are next year.