How to prune this blackberry bush?

I got my first harvest off it and it was great. I’m running it from the bottom left over the leanto.
Edit: the green in it is weed vines.

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Well once canes fruit, they will die, so remove all canes that fruited. Usually you limit primocanes to 5 or 6. Depends, if 12 I might remove 4. Try to prune out the weaker canes and ones that are close to each other, unless those are the biggest ones. I might leave them.


I wanted to add that the Pruning Book by Lee Reich is excellent and tells you how to prune any fruit bearing plant. Lee is awesome. I have often heard interviews with him on garden show podcasts. He is an expert at backyard orchards and fruit gardens. He is my go to guy for pruning.


where is this book being sold?

I’m out of town. Probably Amazon but he blogs and will have links on his blog. I’m using my phone and not very skilled at using it. Like posting links and such. Goggle will help you.

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I found this video to be very helpful for a comprehensive guide on pruning raspberries and blackberries

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OK, thanks guys. So I’ll just thin it out a bit and cut all of the remaining canes back to like 6 feet.

I’m about to prune it now, is my approach above correct?