How to save this pear?

Hi all. We are based in Kent, Uk. And we have this pear tree. Moved in here year ago. How can l save it? It has few issues. I will do winter wash next year but what else is going on here? Pears are marked and very deformed, leaves are “burned”.

Can we help it?
Thanks for any suggestions ! !





Does the tree it’s self look healthy? Some pear fruit just look abnormal, like the fruit of this variety right here Duchesse d'Angouleme Bronzee pear

This different variety with a very similar name also not the average pear shape, also with a similar brown and green color as the pears on your tree Largest / Best tasting pear - #25 by clarkinks

This is a variety found in the UK, yet the brown in this variety is usually coming from the area near the stem, yet it’s the closest thing appearance wise that I have seen so far to what you have


I agree with @alanmercieca that brown russeting is totally normal for the Pitmaston Duchess Pear. I do see some brown leaves which can ne normal as leaves die. If the overall tree looks ok your ok. Sometimes pears leaves change due to moisture, temperature, and season changes not just from insects or disease. That is not a pear i grow and may not be available here in the states. It is very similar to Duchess d’ Angoulme as you mentioned.


Here is another unusually long pear variety that I have found, not what you have either, and it’s not abnormal for one pear tree to have more than one pear shape on it PI 279336 GRIN-Global

Since ‘Pitmaston Duchess Pear’ has been common in the UK and has fruit similar to @Pola_Margate’s tree, I am guessing that his tree might be related to ‘Pitmaston Duchess Pear’. I wonder how big those fruit actually are!

I have a question for you @clarkinks, about how much diameter are the pear cuttings from Corvallis usually? I am wondering how thick my root stock has to be.

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About pencil thickness to coffee straw in diameter with a lot of variation

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Great, so I should not have to wait as long as I thought I would.