How to thin and prune green gage plum

SIL has overgrown tree zone 7. I’ve seen conflicting advice about thinning plums. This seems like way too much fruit. We have already done a bunch of shaking the limbs.

It also grew very vigorously last year and we are wondering how much is safe to take off. I was planning to do some thinning by cutting off upright branches with fruit.

And also the large upright.


The tree doesn’t look especially overloaded to me- there are clusters of fruit it looks like and then long stretches without. Plums usually can get up their sugar if they aren’t a complete grape like traffic jam of fruit.

I would thin the smallest of touching plums or soon to be touching plums as they expand.

I wish my Green Gage had that load. -7F in Feb destroyed a lot of my plum crop.