How Vigorous is your Pawpaw?




Unfortunately yes.


Yes, it’s in the spot where a Elaeocarpus decipiens once stood. Here in SoCal we live on postage stamp plots of land, I could touch my neighbors’ houses with a broom. I don’t have a lot of room to work with. There’s a Citrus × aurantiifolia to the left (East) of it and a Mangifera indica to the right (West) of it. I decided that I was going to water it more this year and it looks like it may be paying off. Maybe I should add more fertilizer too as I’m reading here. My fingers are crossed.


Yes, you’re right. I’ve been mounding dirt there and it keeps slowly washing away. I guess I didn’t go deep enough due to the roots of the previous tree.


I would definitely remove any and all suckers below the graft. They’ll steal energy from the upper portion. You call yourself PomGranny, I have a Punica granatum that loves to sucker. I cut them constantly to keep it in a tree-like form.


Just a suggestion. I ended up replacing the garden hoses after a couple years and then I recently bought some of the heavy poly pipe at Lowes. SIlverline along with some connectors. I added this to my drip irrigation system. The pipe costs $18 for 100 hundred feet and should last a lot longer than garden hose. For the places where I drive over the hose I will put the pipe through a metal conduit to keep it in good shape.


@DBang. Thank you so much for the tip. I plan on doing a few tests on rows of plants - to see which soaks the best, etc. Your advice helps a lot. :grin: