How water tolerant is Lovell rootstock?

I have a Spice Zee nectaplum on Lovell rootstock. Last year the thing grew like a beast. It’s very vigorous which I expected. This fall I moved it to a new location about a hundred feet from my mini orchard closer to the front of my house. Since its a pretty blooming ornemental and self fruitful I thought this tree could stand on its own.

I planted it on a slight mound. Not tall but higher than standard planting height. We’ve gotten a lot of rain lately and I’ve noticed that this new part of my yard is wetter than I expected. It’s not in a valley but rather on a gentle slope . While I don’t expect this area to be soggy all year long it definately appears to be soggier than my orchard during times of heavy rain.

Anyway, I was curious as to how Lovell would rate when compared to other rootstock like citation or myro.

Luckily universities have been running the NC-140 rootstock trials for a long time. Characteristics of most rootstocks are well known.


Thanks for the link. Lots of interesting stuff there.

I don’t think anyone has had more rain this fall, than we here in SC. In fact, it’s
raining right now. My orchard has been flooded six times this fall, and everything
on lovell has held up well, and especially M111, but Citation, which is touted to be
tolerant of wet soils has been a dismal failure. I will never use citation again.

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Lovell is not tolerant of soggy conditions at all. I’d raise that mound if you think the soil won’t drain well.

I’ve been in this house since august. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the surrounding area somewhat soggy. We’ve had a lot of rainfall this week which is not typical. Since the planting is somewhat elevated and I don’t feel this will be soggy that often I believe I’ll keep my eye on it this spring and summer and see how it grows. If it stays wetter than I expect I’ll move the tree or get it way up out of the ground.

I feel like it should be okay though.

It’s funny how we all have different experiences. My apricot on Citation is planted in heavy clay. The planting hole is on a slight mound and was a soggy mess when a 1/2 inch pipe leaked throughout summer. The tree went gangbusters and grew to full size in 2 seasons.

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Speedster1 hi

You wrote " Anyway, I was curious as to how Lovell would rate when compared to other rootstock like citation or myro.". Lovell is peach rootstock Prunus Persica. You mean regarding water tolerance as your subject is “how water tolerant is Lovell rootstock?”. Lovell rootstock don’t like to be soggy as Alan said and in general peach rootstock don’t like to be soggy soil. Their tolerance is not good for situation like water logging. Where are you and is your Spice Zee nectaplum dormant or does it have leaves on it? There might some difference is tree dormant or is it in growing state. But don’t think there is big difference what stage tree is so better not to count too much on this. I have read quite a bit about rootstock when I searched information about peaches. It might be different what i remember although. Regarding water tolerance generally plum tolerate soggy condition better than peach rootstock like a Lovell. Peach almond rootstock like gf-677 is in other way it tolerates less than peach rootstock of soggy soil. Although it can tolerate dry condition better than peach, I guess. Similarly plum rootstock don’t tolerate as much dry soil as peach i guess. Generally plum and almond are other side regarding water tolerance. I think it has to do with what kind of root system those make, almond don’t go that much down to soil it goes more horizontally i guess and plum goes more down to soil to get water from soil. That is how i have understood it.

About other rootstock as you asked compare them to Lovell. Citation is Prunus Salicina x Prunus Persica hybrid which is asian plum x peach hybrid. It make impression it water tolerance might be somewhere between peach and plum. It looks like it is dwarfing rootstock for fruit trees. You said myro, you probably mean myrobalan cherry plum Prunus Cerasifera? It is plum so it can tolerate better soggy soil than peach. Plums usually tolerate better root knot nematodes than peach rootstock as you asked comparison but i guess you meant water tolerance so that is another thing. May i ask why you asked about Lovell water tolerance? Are you worried your tree to die of soggy soil or disease that might come with soggy soil like crown gall? I guess this might be also just case you want more information regarding this as you said you said you might move your tree. More information regarding your tree situation i meant. You said also your rainfall is not typical for you. It is not easy to give you real advice as i don’t have much experience growing peaches my self. If you meant can your tree tolerate soggy soil i can’t say about it, you got advice to raise it in soil. Choice is eventually up to you what to do regarding this, my information is from text what i have read and i don’t have growing experience regarding this, i just give you information about this what i have read as you asked about those water tolerance and others have not yet answered of those.