Hurlbut Apple

Has anyone grown/fruited the Hurlbut apple? I believe I have just secured some scion from an old tree growing near me and would love to get some tasting notes/ experiences any members have had. Seems it is a tree that likes my climate.


History of Hurlbut Apple - “The original tree is still flourishing on
the farm of General Leonard Hurlbut, Winchester, Conn.” Ref. The
American Fruit Book by Cole, S.W. (1849).

Description - “The general appearance of Hurlbut is good yet it is not
particularly attractive either in size or color nor does it take first
rank for either home use or market… Flesh white or yellowish,
moderately firm, rather fine, tender, crisp, very juicy, aromatic,
mildly subacid, good to very good.” Ref. The Apples of New York, Vol.
II by Beach, S.A. (1903).