Hybrid Persimmon MB × HKD

HKD = Hokkaido.

What is MB ?

Morris Burton American


OK, I agree that HKD is probably Hokkaido and is probably Kaki because one of Cliff’s entries is “Prok X HKD Kaki O 2012” (Row 1, #15). But there is also an entry that reads “HKD Hybrid.”

And I agree that MB is probably Morris Burton, Virginiana.

In fact, there are MANY listed hybrids of a DV x HKD pattern. For example (and this is a very partial list):

Row 1, #6. Prok X HKD Female
Row 1, #10. Prok X HKD Hybrid
Row 1, #15. Prok X HKD Kaki O
Row 3, #13. Prok X HKD HYD
Row 4, #4. MB X HKD F
Row 14, #7. MB X Hokkaido O
Row 15, #3. GenevaLong(GL) X HKD F
Row 16, #3. GL X HKD F
Row 17, $4. GL X HKD F

Heretofore, I believed that the only extant direct DV x Kaki crosses were Rosseyanka and JT-02. Are we supposed to believe that Cliff has a couple dozen direct DV x Kaki hybrids? I assume not, but what’s going on?

Another less critical question – Why does Cliff have Prok as the male? I understand that Prok is 100% female.

C. England told me it is Hokkaido.

This is off-topic of the current thread. I recommend you start a new one.

Sure, OK. I didn’t think I was hijacking anything because MB = Morris Burton. Case closed.