Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great

That is going to limit you to Asian persimmons. No hybrids or Americans are non-astringent.

And that requirement leans towards hybrids and American persimmons. They are hardier than the Asian persimmons.

PCA - pollination constant astringent (always astringent until soft ripe, whether pollinated or not)
PCNA - pollination constant non-astringent (always non astringent, whether pollinated or not)
PVNA - pollination variant non-astringent (non-astringent only if pollinated)
PVA - pollination variant astringent (synonymous with PVNA)

That’s the easiest one. D. virginiana (American persimmon) east of the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere growing American persimmons, D. lotus for Asian persimmons in California. If you’re in a cold winter area (which it sounds like you’re not), it’s a good idea to get northern-sourced D. virginiana rootstocks.


Thanks for the info! :person_facepalming: Sorry, I meant I settled on astringent due to the non-astrimgent being less cold hardy.

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Ah, OK!