Hybrid-PVNA 'Kuji Naja'

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The grafting tree



More likely will be done within 30 years and maybe within 10. Plant genomics (not genetics, genomics) is advancing very rapidly. Fruiting plants generally share between 40% and 98% of their genes across widely divergent species such as tobacco, arabidopsis, tomato, potato, and yes persimmons. The biopaths have to include: flowering, ovule formation, pollen tube growth, translocation of nutrients from roots to leaves, leaves to roots, and leaves and roots to fruits. When you think about this, it makes sense that the same basic structures must be active in many different species. As the genomic structure of potato is worked out, that will be leveraged to figure out the related biopaths in other species such as persimmon.

There are tens of thousands of species that are NOT fruiting plants. Grass is a good example though it still flowers and produces seed. We would expect more divergence and less similarity if comparing the Maize genome with the Persimmon genome.

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I hope you are right! The amount of possibilities to further improve our lives should increase greatly with this kind of knowledge available.

This is assuming the artificial intelligence “we” have been developing to help disseminate this data doesn’t turn things into a “Terminator” scenario! (only half kidding).

There is nothing to prevent eventual use of genomics to construct a new life form. Lets say we want a plant that produces rib-eye steaks. With enough knowledge of genetics, it is in theory possible to grow a “steak plant”. After all, we already grow “stake plants” (aka trees)! :slight_smile: :open_mouth: :smiley:

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