Hydroponics DIY

Hi All,

So you get yourself a bunch of 2x4’s …

I think winter finally got to me. I started dreaming about doing a indoor hydroponic grow setup. Spring is in sight, so I changed gears to an outdoor grow project. Because I was not just going to give up on crazy.

My Limitation for this project is a lack of table saw and not enough patients to use a hacksaw or respirating saw properly.

My inspiration is this A-Frame Hydroponics design.

My solution is these target frame brackets. They are designed so you can quickly setup portable shooting range. The target frame uses 2x4

I started off looking at A-Frame Brackets for swing sets and they would have worked to but they required 4x4 and 4x6 for the beam. Which would add costs. If you do go with Swing set brackets be sure to get middle frame or end peices without rotation. Another Version

Mounting to the frame I will be using [j-hook pipe hangers]
(https://www.homedepot.com/p/Oatey-3-in-DWV-J-Hook-Pipe-Hanger-33510/301505441) image

My build is going to use be half as long as a Standard pipe so 5ff segments of 3" pipe. I was going to cut the std 10ft length in half but that posed a problem the PVC cutting tool I have maxes out at 2.5" .

The best alternative I could find is this pipe cutting tool.

For me however fortune prevailed when I visited my Lowes to buy pipe. I was going to buy the 10ft segments of PVC Schedule 40 Foam Core pipe for drainage for $28 the lowest price i could find in the area when I saw the 5ft segments priced at $15.45, unfortunately they rang up $27 each. But most fortunately a manager was helping me and had them adjust the price to $14 each taking pitty on me and being totally awesome at the same time.

My fear is my fittings won’t fit the drainpipe. Tje pipe and fittings are Schedule 40 so fingers crossed.

Speaking of pipes and fittings shop around, shop around. I found the cheapest and hopefuly right pipe at Lowes after searching every site and store I could find. I am going to have to pay attention for pluming supply stores on the side roads if I do any more projects.
Fittings are a real challenge. to connect a 3" pipe to my goal of a 3/4 pipe thread at home depot required
3" to 1 1/2" reducer
a 1 1/2 to 3/4 Reducer bushing
and a 3/4 split to female pipe thread adapter.

Or a single 3" to 3/4" split to female pipe thread bushing
Which I opted for from supplyhouse.com also available at

I put togather this spread sheet with the parts acquired so far.

Hydroponics System.xlsx


Mistakes have been made. Lol

Bushings are the same diameter as the pipe

Couplings are short segments of pipe for connecting two fittings

Hub connectors need to be hub on both sides

The return policy of Amazon and Supplyhouse.com have been utilized.

New Solution. 3" to 2" reducer coupling

2" x 3/4" slip x female bushing

Similar to the fittings available at home depot but im able to go directly to 3/4" threaded without extra fittings.

Supply List

Ahhh… yes bushings are always meant to be inserted into a coupling or bell end pipe. That’s an easy mistake to make if you aren’t familiar with pipe stuff.

Also if you are going with threaded - be aware there are tapered thread patterns and machine thread for the same size pipe depending on the application. You will have tapered for that threaded bushing. You’ll also need to use thread tape or the liquid thread tape to seal your threads. There are two styles of liquid thread tape I’m aware of, one hardens and the other remains pliable for re-use.