I.d blemish on gala please

I found these two damaged on my Gala Apple.

It is at the base of the apple.
It is not soft or mushy.
It is only skin deep.
It is only on these two Galas

I can’t find any look-alike photos online.

Any help/hint would be muchly appreciated.


I’d say sunscald

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It looks like some sort of physical damage to me, its the wrong spot for sun.

Those don’t look anything like the Galas I have grown; you might want to confirm the ID on them when the fruit is mature.

I don’t think its sunscald either. These are the only two and there a dozens more of every variety that are exposed to the sun the same way.

The damage is to the bottom of the apple.

This is a rescue tree that I rescued from Home Depot at the end of the season some 3 years back. It was abused and unwatered and was a very sorry sight - much like the abused puppies on the ASPCA commercials.

It was labeled GALA. I picked it up for $5.00 and nursed it back to health. I thought its Gala. We will see… as the big guy says.