I dont need more apples or pears

The hardest thing to realize in life for me is that I dont need more apples or pears. I do need many more jujube, persimmons, and nut trees. After spending a lifetime getting good at growing pears its a hard fact to come to terms with. Im not suggesting slowing down on growing pears i have since i have hundreds ,but im more careful to grow more disease resistant types since my pear orchard is large. Im no longer planting new blocks of pears and more likely to graft over something i have already.


What are your favorite disease resistant replacements/successors for the grocery store Bartlett, Anjou, and Comice?


Harrow sweet, potomac, and there is no replacement for comice but warren is a little better with many charecteristivs of the parent

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I have 2 pears… kieffer grafted on callery and improved kieffer grafted on callery.

Plan to add a few grafts of Ayers, Bell to them next spring.

I have a graft of bell that is growing some nice scionwood for me to use next spring.

I think these two + a few grafts will be all we need.

We are used to eating nothing but kieffer pears here… they are about the only variety that will survive long term in southern middle TN.

FB wipes out most other varieties soon after they start blooming.

My improved kieffer on callery graft from last spring (below)… working on scaffold branches this year.

I would be happy if I can just two to survive and fruit.


“Muh, but the yunger generashuns!” :wink:

@Clarkinks, it is true that we all have limited time here, but if more apples and pears is something that you enjoy, if it is something that the people around you can benefit from, if the people still here after you are gone can benefit from it, then won’t let naysayers hold you back. Is there anyone in your area that you would consider mentoring? Some people could thrive and develop an entire business if they had the assistance of someone who could act as an incubator.


I don’t know why I don’t see more backyard pear trees in my Z6 southern Rockies location.

They are every bit as reliable producers as apples. The “Harrow” series have solved the lack of precociousness issue that pears are notorious for.

They are about as decorative as ornamental pear trees.

In my opinion the step-up in fruit quality between a homegrown pear and store-bought pear is greater than a store-bought apple and a homegrown apple.

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I realized the same thing about 5 years ago for apples and have gradually reduced the number of trees. Not removing productive ones, but any that don’t produce/aren’t healthy and don’t have much space (to be grafted over) have been getting removed. I replaced them with jujubes and kept planting more because there were never as many as I wanted to eat. Now I’ve got over 100 jujube trees and picking them is taking a lot of time :slight_smile: I think it’s time to say “no more new ones” for jujubes too. Though I am definitely more into jujubes than apples and pears. I’m still grafting a bunch of new jujube varieties on my existing trees. Most trees are franken-trees now.

I wouldn’t mind more good peaches, plums, apricots. But I don’t think I need to plant more- I just need to get onto thinning the ones I already have to make them good. Rather than relying on some mishap to thin them for me, which then tantalize me with a few good fruit.


Im getting set on my number of pears 175+ too as the extra row is full has overflowed into another space where I fit another row in. I have some KG coming soon as well as turnbull and warren in the fall.

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