I got my scion wood from USDA yesterday

I got my scionwood from USDA yesterday.Thanks Dawn, looks great as usual.
I got:
RDR 82
RDR 700
Tolman sweet
Loop Russet Baldwin
Colby Baldwin
McClintock Grimes
Kandil Sinap
What do you plan on grafting this year?


May you post the link, please.


I am bringing in Russets, Limbertwigs, Cider and Red fleshed Apples.

What are RDR 82 & 700?

Are requests for wood closed now chikn? I forgot all about it this year. I ordered last year and just went to do so again and cannot find the place to make the request. Do you have a link?

Chikn I am new to the ordering fro USDA. Did you pay for postage? On their web site they were asking for the shipping account number and it stopped me from requesting, since I had not any.

Here is the link I used to place my my USDA scion order, says you have until January 10th to get your order in.


Reine des reinette(King of the Pippens). I’m hoping 82&700 are differing varieties[quote=“Antmary, post:5, topic:3588”]
Did you pay for postage?
[/quote]I did not pay any postage,… go fast, due date is approaching fast.

The individual Repositories each handle their scion requests a little differently from one another. My experience in the past is that Geneva and Corvallis are pretty generous to individuals and that U.C. Davis is different than that.

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I’ve requested the following Sour Cherry from Geneva:
592867 Pandy 114- Very large size, intermediate SS (Soluable Solids). Also very firm. Hungarian. Ripe in Geneva on 7/28.

592875 Korai Pipacs Meggy- 15.3 brix (intermediate SS), medium size, pink flesh, very resistant to leaf spot. Hungarian. 7/2.

594350 Shubinka- 23.7 brix, Extra small size. Extremely high SS (the category is named after this cultivar), also very dark pigment. Another article metions that it has " bitter astringent aftertaste" and is “resistant to many diseases”. Russian. 7/17.

592859 Dropia- Extremely high SS, med/small size, very dark pigment with lots of anthocyanin (6X Montmorency). Romanian. 7/28.


Bug Resistant:
589570 E36-7- 16.2 brix, Hard, late season, 100-150g. “multiple pest resistant”. “first report of an apple cultivar that is confirmed to be resistant to larval feeding of apple maggot”. Also resistant to PC, per another paper.

590079 PRI 1312-6- 15.3 brix, mid/late season. “Scab resistance from M. micromalus…90% dark red, yellow ground, tough breaking; attractive”. “resistant to apple maggot and plum curculio”

I found this paper about PC resistance testing particularly interesting and a bit discouraging. They measured the impact of cultivar in several different ways, counting bites at different points in the year, counting larval emergence, and in a lab (one apple of each kind and see what it lays its egg in). Depending on the test and the timeframe, the impact ranged from roughly none (in the midseason lab testing, the resistant apples were actually worse) to maybe 1/4 the early season damage (0.5-2.7% vs 3.3-11.3%).

My takeaway is that the PC resistance may be helpful in the very start of spring, giving you a bit of extra time to get bags or surround on. But they won’t help much if you do nothing at all.

613975 KAZ 95 08-04- 14.1 brix, 150-200g (larger than the vast majority of the Kaz apples), late season. “crop load very heavy. Leaves clean (from disease)… juicy, winter keeper, looks like domesticated apples”

613999 KAZ 96 08-17- 15.3 brix, 150-200g, mid season. “Flesh flavor is aromatic and sweet. Fruit size is larger than 50mm. Free of disease. Heavy codling moth, nice apple.”

From the Nafex Facebook page, I heard that Geneva is getting rid of a lot of the Kaz apple trees, so this may be the last chance to get some of them.

Old Apples
590138 Reinette Grise de Portugal- 17.3 brix. A fully russeted apple- some of the online pics were quite pretty. “flavor sweet, subacid, perfumed; season late to very late”

123746 Lord Hindlip- 16.1 brix. “some russet; flesh firm, coarse, crisp, juicy, yellowish to greenish; flavor sweet, season very late…Late, high quality dessert apple”

I tried to get Lord Hindlip last year and it was out of stock. So, I’ll give it another try.

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Ordered right from GRIN website page. Very convenient, it even remembered what I had in a cart from the last time. I honestly said that germoplasm is for the home garden. We’ll see if they send me anything after that. I ordered:
Koran pipac meggy
Meteor Korai
Kelleris 16

Apples (old Russian):
Reinette Simirenko
Severniy sinap
Anis aliy
Korichnoe polosatoe

I ordered a few persimmons that I hope will be cold hardy:

DDIO 142 ‘Sangokuichi’ collected near Niigata, Japan.
DDIO 152 ‘Ichidagaki’ collected near Nagano, Japan.
DDIO 155 ‘Kakiyamagaki’ collected in China.

Plus a red-fleshed pear: Rotkottig frau Ostergotland

kazakhstan is the other hotbed of apple diversity, shared with bordering china, and obviously some of the few regions on earth where apple trees grow wild and live long free of disease, and with no need for pesticides


I don’t know when you ordered the pear scion but I went and looked at pear scions in late Nov. to order some for myself. I don’t believe that anyone is going to be getting any this Spring! There are no pear scions available for this spring currently, I’ll post the pdf concerning the quarantine of all pear material and a link to the page that holds the document. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
NCGR Xylella Response Plan Nov.2015.pdf (429.9 KB)
NCGR-Corvallis - Pyrus Germplasm

I almost ordered Studencheskaya, but decided to go with Koran Pipac Meggy instead, after I found the study on their leaf spotting.

I didn’t look closely at Meteor Korai, as I assumed that it was the US variety “Meteor”. But, I just checked into it and it seems that they are different cultivars. The US variety is yellow fleshed, while the one you’ve ordered is red. It looks like a good one to try with high soluble solids and at least one year with large size.

Do you plan to use them for jam, wine, cooking/pies, or fresh eating?

The persimmons are from Davis, so that is a long-shot. I made a request there as well for plums and apricots, but I’ll be (pleasantly) surprised if they fill it.

As Lance mentioned, the pears may also be a no-go this year. But, I do have a bit of good news. I grafted Rotkottig frau Ostergotland three years ago (my first year grafting). I made several pear grafts, but only one took (I know, pears are easy now… :slight_smile: ). Between my butchering the graft, and locating it low in the tree, it didn’t put much growth on for the first two years, but it grew quite a bit this year. Enough that I should be able to send you a small piece with the rest of the scions, assuming that ARS doesn’t come through with it.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Bob, I ordered Meteor Korai because it is supposed to be an early cherry. I’ve read that Kelleris is in trial in Ukraine, so I guessed it might be a good one, Studencheskaya has a good parentage and some disease resistance as I recall. The best sour cherries are very good for eating, if they are not, then you can practically do anything with them, freeze, dry, jam, wine, you name it. Hopefully I get those scions :gift:

What if you order peach scion and cannot graft until the end of May. How do you keep scion that long?

If I remember correctly you should fill a jug(1 gallon) with water and add 1 Tablespoon of bleach, then dip scion in solution and put into plastic bag with a damp paper towel.Scions should keep for many months with this method.

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I just put them in the garage fridge. You should keep them away from ethylene (given off by ripening fruit). Other than that, not much is needed. I think ARS treats the wood before they send it out, as everything I’ve gotten from them keeps very well, better than wood I’ve cut myself or received from others. Some of it looks like it could work the next year even (but not at 2 years old, which I just cleaned out recently- yes, I’m a packrat who doesn’t throw anything out :slight_smile: ).

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Bob, do you have a link for ARS scion requests? I think I followed a link you provided last year when I ordered. I’ve looked all over their site and cannot find my way back to that same place as last year. I think the link you provided had a search bar for looking up different scions.