I just noticed this on my Bartlett Pear tree when going to Prune

So I just went out to do my winter pruning of my fruit trees and I don’t know how I didnt see this sooner but this is at the base of my Bartlet Pear tree. I also have something similar on my Yellow Delicious apple tree but much much smaller. Any idea what it is and if I can do anything or is my tree is done for? I obviously can’t prune it off. We had a very wet season last year and a late season frost to give some more info that may help. Thank you!

Whatever it is it looks old, I see healing and rounded edges, so the tree is trying to cover the wound. Let it be, it’s healing itself.


I would remove all the dead and dry stuff sometime so there is less areas for bugs and rotting. but if it is a pear it is going to be pretty strong.

Thank you, same prognosis for my Yellow Delicious apple? It has a couple of these on it. This one looks fresher than the one on my pear tree.

The first looks like a rabbit or some other rodent chewed the bark at some stage. Its common here in Michigan if you don’t protect the trunk. I’ve got a few trees like that which haven’t been affected and healed over.

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Thank you