I love red blueberries, leaves that is! :)

I made this recent video of my blueberries a few days ago.

Blueberries have to be one of my favorite fruits with delicious and healthy berries and also beautiful Fall foliage!

Anybody else have any red blueberries? :wink:


They range from yellow to burgundy to scarlet to orange, depending on climate and the cultivar.
And some have red stems in winter, and a few have yellow ones.

These have red stems that look really neat right now

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if you like the look of blueberries, plant some aronia. they are scarlet red in the fall and look like big leafed blueberry bushes. i have 2 in the front yard. they root real easy from cuttings. contact me come early may and ill send you some if you want.

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That’s neat about the aronia!