I picked up a Leah Cot aprium

I wasn’t really planning on it. I went down to the local nursery to get a prices on soil for my raised bed vegetable garden (in the background) It was the last one, so I figured I better snag it. It’s just a little 3/8" whip. I hope it’s better than flavor delight aprium.

Nice going and I agree about Flavor Delight. Heavy bearer but lacks sweetness and flavor. I think Leah Cot will be better.

Yes, I find Flavor Delight to be bland. I like Cot-n-Candy, but mine almost never sets fruit.

Here it is in it’s new home between Flavor Delight and Cot-n-Candy apriums. The cage is so the dogs don’t run over it. I know I need pull weeds and re-mulch the other two. I’m slowly getting there.

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