I plan to put these fig cuttings in the ground but the weather is still unpredictable

I plan to make a Celeste figs patch and bury them with wood mulch for Winter protection. I get good ripe figs from this guy every year even though it died to the ground each Winter.


I root some cutting too. I think it is little too cold for the tender roots.

I will wait until no danger of frost. I have big problem with voles, my in ground figs were all eaten by them. Need to protect them better next time.

I think you’re being way too impatient. Those things will never make it.
Pot them first and let them grow and develop a strong root system, before
you put them in the ground.


Are you saying Celeste will die to ground and then come back and produce a crop the following summer/fall before freezing back again in Z5, in the same manner Hardy Chicago is supposed to?



guess its time to locate a Celeste…


You’re one GREAT garden ideas generator! It’s a very interesting, doable and rewarding planting. I think I’m going to copy that.


My plan is two fig trees in ground (Celeste and Chicago Hardy) using the Japanese pruning method to keep it under 3 feet for easy winter protection and vole protection.