I suspect glyphosate drift damage

My peas are yellowing at the top. I sprayed roundup about fifteen feet away, But this does seem to resemble herbicide drift. Do you agree, and do you think they’ll still be able to pull through?

Herbicide drift will always twist and contort leaves (deforming them.)


My peas have some non freezing (35⁰) cold weather damage. They’ve mostly okay. A few leaves here and there are_burnt_. Has you had any cold nights recently? Mine look similar to yours. :no_mouth:

Yes, but they were fine Saturday when I sprayed the RU. It was 74 Saturday and 80 Sunday. No colder than 48.

Huh. I’m jealous. We haven’t seen 70 since 2019. Anyway, if you figure out the cause, please let us know.

I think it’s glyphosate. Potatoes have some yellowing of the newest growth, too.

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A couple plants have this (only a couple).

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