I think gurneys messed up my dripping honey

I’m wondering if gurneys gave me a different variety. It’s sept and I just did the tilt test and it didn’t budge. It’s still showing green too.


Are you thinking it looks like a different variety or that it’s taking too long? Looks like it needs more time. Around here, the asian pears like heat. @clarkinks might give some feedback.

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This looks similar to mine. Mine are later this year and my summers are much warmer than yours in the PNW. The leaves are definitely like that of an Asian pear at least.

Here is a picture of my unripe ones from last year.


Since Clark harvest drippen honey in August I assumed I’d be somewhat in there by a week anyway. Starting to think it maybe Korean giant?

Heat units in this part of the country are way high in the summer for ripening apples and pears. Despite having cold winters, we are very early often. Maybe someone in your area can chime in with dates?

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No, KG pears show russeting since they are young.

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Well then there is still hope it is correct which is good I don’t need two trees of Korean giant. Thank you all for the advice.


Thats definately drippin’ honey. The pear is being shaded by the heavy leaf growth. To get it to ripen faster trim back anything shading it. Very nice looking pear! The sugar content is very high beware of thieves!