Ichi Asian persimmon

Last winter was harsh,and the low was - 14F for a few nights. I wrapped this persimmon tree for Winter protection and it produced a few fruits for my labor.



Very impressive, Tony. How long it take for a persimmon to start fruiting? I have a Nikita’s Gift.


It took 3 seasons for my Nikita"s Gift and Ichi persimmon to produce. 80-90% fruits dropped the first season it produced.


So, technically it is 4 years. Mine could be five because I should move it next spring. The spot I planted it get only 4 hours of sun.

Good job, Tony. Any other kakis producing fruit this year for you?



I did not protect the Rossyanka, and the Nikita’s Gift so lots of fruiting branches died back so no fruits with them.



I really admired your dedication. I don’t know if I have the will and the strength to wrap up big bushes or trees every year. I think I have lots of thing to do at the season end, and I can hear my back turns squeaky after the garden’s cleaned up and everything put away. I’m getting older by the day!

I can’t imaging getting any more energy for one more chore! You’re super dedicated!


I hear you Tom. 50 for me is about to enter the slippery slope Lol!! I don’t mind the labor. If you really like the taste of Kaki with less work then Rossyanka Hybrid persimmon will do. Hardy to -20F.



Nikita’s Gift. Hardy to -11 F.

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Do you have Kassandra? It is supposed to be a hardier hybrid?

Your In-ground fig next to NG is impressive. I my try to root Chicago Hardy this winter and try it in ground next spring.

Cliff sent me some Scions of JT-02 and Kasandra hybrids persimmons. Unfortunately, the Kasandra woods were bad and got moldy. I will ask Cliff for new woods in Early March 2016…

Here is my newly grafted JT-02 Hybrid persimmon. I will protect this guy by cutting the bottom of a Home Depot 5 gallons bucket and put it over this young tree and fill dirt to the top in the middle of November when the tree is in a dormant state. This method will insulate this young tree.


I forgot, here are my red mums.

It looked to me that JT-02 is taller than a 5 gal bucket. I will order a Kassandra.

Can I gradt A. Persimmon on a hybrid like NG or Kassandra? Will it be compatible?

Yup, This spring, I grafted several Tam Kam scions on my large Nikita’s Gift. One Scion grew 4 feet tall. Next Spring, I will add a Rossyanka Scion to one of the branch.



Is the Rossyanka astringent? What about the Tam Kam? Between these 2 choices, which one taste better? Size of fruits? And which one is less work for winter?


Rossyanka is astringent. Tam Kam is not. Tam Kam is often called the best non-astringent persimmon.

It was report by a member that his Tam Kam was dead from the harsh zone 6 winter last year. If you protect it like Tony does, anything is possible. I am too lazy.

Kassandra is billed as hardier but it is a hybrid, not true Asian persimmon.

Tam Kam is a very good Non-astringent and probably the best in this group. Large, sweet, and cold hardy than some other Non-astringents. Bob Vance TT branches died to the maim trunk with last year harsh Winter on z6. The only way to grow Tam Kam in Z5 is on the South side and real close to the wall of the house for micro climate heat from the wall of the house and no North wind. When the temp drops below -1F, to be safe by hanging a light bulb in the center of the tree and wrap the whole tree up and turn it on for the few nights of - temp. On the bright side, there are some years the temp stays above zero.