Id disese please

I found these black markings on one pear espalier.

It looks fungal to me.

It is only on the top scaffold.

Any suggestions



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Need spray immunox or other fungicides

Look like old scar from pear blister mites. I don’t do anything at this stage. I may pick off really ugly leaves.

Next spring, I will try to time my lime sulfur spray better.

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I have been spraying myclobutanyl (Immunox) and Captan & Indar together with my insecticides.

And it is ONLY on one tree on one scaffold

Mystery to me


I think it was pear blister mite scars. Spray for them need to be earlier in bud development.

Here was the post about PBM


Yup, it is blister mites.

I saw the photos of the leaves in the link you sent and I have those markings ( looks like before they turn black) on two other trees.

Ok… so now I have something else to schedule for after leaf fall.


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I sprayed my pears a bit too early this spring with lime sulfur. Did not get all of them so I have seen the same scars like you have on my pears here and there.

Some studies suggest spray in late fall. Others say in the spring. I spray when buds start to push in the spring. It usually works.

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I have the same thing on Kiefer. Seems to mostly be on the highest growth of the tree.


Same here.

I am not familiar with the lifestyle of these guys or why they would be up high on the top of my espalier.

But, I am beginning to feel a little like Bill Murray in Caddyshack with my obsession to get them this fall and next spring.


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