ID of what is eating my nectaplums?

Sadly, my second year spiced Zee nectaplum has been ravaged by something seemingly overnight. Most of the fruit are eaten about 1/3 of the way through. Is this bird damage? We also have rats here and there, but seems they would have a hard time climbing the floppy branches. Insects couldn’t have done it this quickly? I’m going to net right now, didn’t know it was time, I’m new to this! Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks!

Looks like tooth marks on the fruits. Probably something a little bigger than a rat.

It pretty much has to be a bird, the bigger animals don’t eat the fruits on the tree. They take them off and eat somewhere else where they are safe. Or maybe there is an animal where you are that is not around here. The birds always peck the tops, another sign of bird damage.