ID this berry bush!

Pulling out my potted plants from storage. I forgot to lable these guys and I’m yet to find the notes where they are mentioned. I figure you guys like to look at plants and wonder about them as much as I do.

Long story short they should be one of the less common berries I had on my list to create ground cover under my trees. They are cold hardy to at least zone 4 with a margin of error on the cooler side. I found a small pot of them last year and right away I broke it down into four for propagation. Unfortunately the original tag is gone. They should turn dark green during the growing season.

Eventually I’ll find an entry in one of my notebooks but if somebody wants to volunteer a guess have at it.

Looks like it could be a lingonberry. They come up in thin stalks with such shaped leaves


Yes, that’s what it is! I just needed to hear the name so I could get over the senior moment.

I’m hoping to have them do ground cover duty under an apple tree or two.


That’s what I’m trying too, except under my chinese hawthorn tree.