Identification of Tree/Fruit


These trees are located in a Houston city park and wondering what they are. Any help identifying is appreciated.


Persimmon. Someone other than myself will tell you the species.



Just looks like the regular wild persimmon that grows around here.



That bark and the fact that it has a pit suggests plum to me. I’m on my phone though, perhaps I’m not seeing it well enough.


Yes, based on the pit I would agree some kind of plum.


My guess would be a chickasaw plum but someone more up on these wild southern plums should be able to give a more accurate answer. @Lucky_P?


I agree looks like some type of plum


I’m with those who say plum.


I’ll say it’s some wild plum, probably Mexican Plum or American Plum. The leaves look like it might the American Plum. It’s not Chickasaw, the leaves are all wrong.


Thanks guys. Looked up picture of Mexican Plum and the fruit and leaves were exact match.