Identify apple

My neighbor has some apple trees I’ve been spraying one I’m not sure of. It has a flavor I’ve never really tasted before. It’s pretty sharp tasting, seems biennial, doesn’t get big. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Describe the flavor you have never really tasted before? Is it anise/licorice? It could be Sweet 16, but it is kind of late for that even up in MA. Sweet 16 also has a cherry candy/cough syrup flavor.

Here in Iowa Sweet 16 is an early Sept apple.

No I’ve actually grew sweet sixteen this year. Bigger and different shape. No licorice flavor to them, they’re crunchy. I wish I was better at describing taste. Sweet and sour as my daughter described it. Also juicy.

Maybe Macoun? They seem to be ripe out here in Western MA, and judging from a few we bought recently, your description of the eating experience seems to fit (good crunch, pretty tart, distinctive flavor). And to my eye, your pictures look similar to some of these:

Though yours seem to have rather more russet and maybe less green around the stem. But the middle picture looks quite similar to the ones we had.

Thanks for replying. No it’s not Macoun, I grow it and this apple is much rounder than most of my Macoun apples. The apples are very similar in size and shape compared to Macoun. It seems like an older variety Apple to me.

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I wonder if it’s a Cox type Apple? Hers an image of a Cox.IMG_1277

Cherry Cox maybe?

That looks very similar. These came off pretty easily. I’m going to see if a few can be left on tree and see if flavor changes. It may be a Cox related Apple.

The photos remind me of Waltana. An orchard I worked at years ago had one tree and they looked just like those apples. It seems the owner took a trip to California years earlier and brought some wood back to propagate. The problem was Waltana survived winters in WI but did not ripen nicely like in California. Our growing season and heat units were not sufficient for that variety.

Yes it does, but ripening time is different.