Identify this tree

I’m needing some assistance with identifying this tree… Im hoping that it is either a plum or apricot seedling

New Zealand… Sub tropical. Summer season… It has never flowered

It’s not an apricot. Less sure about plum but I’d say no.


Where is your location,Mezza? Brady

Might be Cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) or Carolina cherry laurel (Prunus caroliniana).

New Zealand

Doesn’t look like any plum I’ve seen.

I use an app called leaf snap sometimes if I am pretty clueless about what a tree could be. May be worth a shot:

It probably won’t work if the tree is a native New Zealand type, but I know a lot of American/European trees were imported over there, so it may be worth a shot.


I can’t help with the OP’s question, but thank you for posting the Leaf Snap info. I’ve just installed it and can’t wait to put it to work. I’m always seeing trees I wonder about when I walk my dog, so hopefully now I’ll be able to figure it out.

It has a serated leaf which looks more like a cherry; not a plum or apricot.

Yeah looks more like a cherry but probably not fruit at all. Maybe some kind of willow, possibly salix cinerea

You have to check which willows are available in NZ for exact identification

I got excited when I saw this but unfortunately it’s not available for Android. Which made me search the Google Play Store for a comparable leaf identification app. I found several apps. The highest rated App being PictureThis Plant Identification

The reviews are great but unfortunately it’s one of those apps that scare the bejesus out of me with all it its seemingly unnecessary access rights.

I did try using this app… Not very good… Days later noone has commented on the tree I’m attempting to I’d… The plants listed are pretty easy to id simply by describing in google/ image.

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I’m sorry you didn’t find it useful. I found it to be useful at its price point (Free!) for identifying common trees and sending you on the right track for more obscure trees. For instance, a tree in my mom’s yard, the app said it was Magnolia grandiflora (which it most certainly was not). But, the app nudged me in that direction, leading me to narrow the field and search just magnolias, and I was able to find out exactly what the tree was.

So, get the app if:
-You have little knowledge of trees, and want to know their names (Oh, a tulip tree! I never knew that was a sweet gum tree! Oh, that’s a pin oak, not a swamp oak!). That type of stuff.
-You have a tree that isn’t easily identified, and need to narrow down your field of which genus to consider.

But you’re right, it probably won’t specifically identify a more unusual tree.

I wonder if that could be some type of euro plum, mirabelle, prune, or bullace.

More detailed photos of the leaves, buds, and bark might help.

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Not sure what this is and is it damaged? By what?

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Hackberry Plus ,galls , plus glyphosate . ?

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Yeah. I first thought Hackberry. There was another or part of this one higher that wasn’t damaged. Didn’t see any bloom and the hackberry pollen is reported as high right now. Lot of vegetation around this that didn’t seem affected by whatever this is. ???

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Does anyone knowWhat tree this might be? It has green, somewhat fusiform/oval fruit. The leaves are relatively elegant, looks likely like a pair but it is clearly not appear. It is growing in Central Maryland

the shape of the fruit and leaves make me think cornelian cherry, but the way the fruit is clustered doesn’t quite look right for that.