Identify this woodland flower

Hello Everyone,
I live in the eastern reaches of NJ among the pine barrens. I am always looking for plants that might thrive on their own around my home and recently came across this number. Can anyone identify it so that I can read up on it a bit more?

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I’m inclined to think it’s a mint. If the stem has a square cross section and the plant has opposing leaves it’s quite likely a mint:

My wife is looking things up now and will possibly come up with a better answer. But short answer: check the stem, as all mints have square stems.

Thank you mark, ill see what the stems are like.

Looks like Ajuga, AKA bugleweed. Aggressive groundcover, invasive in some areas. Can be found relatively easily in garden centers.

Yup- good call.

Thank you everyone. That certainly fits.

i have this all over my yard. very invasive weed. they spread by runners that root as they creep along. they are a pretty, hardy flower but will take over any flower bed you put them in. they arent all bad though. the bees love them!

It also resembles a horrible weed I have a problem with here, I usually hear people call it Creeping Charlie. A soft vine that roots at every 1 inch section or so, and when you pull on it, it breaks rather than pull up like a vine. It sends up a stalk with purple blooms this time of the year, it’s been impossible to get rid of.

I have bugleweed, bugleweed with purple leaves AND creeping Charlie. That is bugleweed. Not creeping Charlie. Crossbow works on both if you are trying get rid of it.

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yep. same one i have. over 1/3 my front lawn has it. only plus is bees love it!

Thanks Susu! I’ll be out at Rural King tomorrow looking for Crossbow to hit the Creeping Charlie with. Funny though, I tried to get Ajuga/Bugleweed started as a ground cover in a neglected area and it wouldn’t make it.