Identifying Goji plant

I have a Goji plant called Crimson Star. After three years it has barely grown. It had some die back this past winter and all I have is a plant one and a half ft high with no branches. I have read that lycium chinense has narrow leaves and lycium barbarum has rounded leaves. If that is the case I may have a lycium chinense. I saw a Goji plant in Lowes and it had much larger and less narrow leaves.
Does anyone have Crimson Star with small narrow leaves that grows well?

I do not have goji but i have tried to grow them before and know some about them. I have heard it takes both varieties to produce good amounts of fruit. That looks like Chinense to me. Barbarum has rounder leaves as you mentioned. I only know of one place to get the plants

Wikipedia has a good photo of lycium chinense. That’s the one I have. Lycium chinense - Wikipedia
Now I have to figure out why it doesn’t grow better. I’ll try lycium barbarum next year to compare.