Identifying varieties?

Hi there! New to this forum and so grateful it exists!
We just bought a new home in southern california with over 23 different fruit trees, so I expect I’ll be reading this forum often :smiley:

My question is how do I know what kind of apple trees I have? (Previous owner didn’t plant them) They have been neglected for several years and are not producing fruit, except for 1 or two very oddly shaped apples last fall. (They were almost square!) Is there any good identification methods or resources I should know about?

The rest of the trees are fairly simple. We have persimmon and avocado and fig but those have limited varieties and we’re fairly certain of their identities. We have a cherry tree that is exploding with blooms right now but don’t know anything about cherries. :smiley:

Any advice and insight will be welcome. I have been reading a lot about fruit tree care and I am learning that - But I’m at a loss of which apple or cherry variety we have.

Thank you!


@SundogFarm — good luck to you on the identification.

Good Pictures of the Trees, Leaves, Blooms, Fruit… would help.

Once you do get some fruit the post below may help… lots of back yard orchard apple pics there.