If I do a scratch test and surface level is brown but if I go super far down it is green is the tree alive?

I got what I thought would be my last order of trees from Raintree today. The two pear trees from April were showing green nodes and the standard black gold I got from them has green nodes so I knew those were alive. Thing is a pear they sent showed no green nodes even with the other trees showing green. I thought this was off so I did a scratch test. The first layer was brown but if I dug deep with my fingernail I could see green. Thing is to see green I had to dig super deep. Should I contact them about the tree being dead?

If you see very consistent vibrant green cambium at top of trunk and also at bottom of trunk, that’s a good sign. If the color is not the same and there’s brown somewhere in the cambium, that’s a bad sign.

If you mean there’s no visible leaf buds, it may not ideal, but not terrible . Buds could have been broken off, but there’s still time for new ones to develop. I had some pears that didn’t have visible buds when shipped to me, but they are leafed out okay.


This is the tree