Imidan 70 application

Hey all, been away for quite some time. Life just kept getting in the way and haven’t had much time to get on. Have a question for those that have used Imidan. I have just got around to applying it to my peaches this year, and before you say “what?!? JUST NOW?!?!?” We have had rain almost every other day and since this was my first time using it I wasn’t sure if I would apply it and by the next day it would be washed off. I went off of what Scott posted with 1 tablespoon per gallon (so 4 tablespoons for my sprayer) and mixed in some fruit tree spray from Bayer. If any of you can answer a few questions that would be great, I’ll list them below:

1.). Should I have used a sticker?
2.) Do you apply it to the point of run off?
3.) do I need to coat EVERYTHING? Underside of leaves, fruit 100%, branches, etc.
4.). If I already suspect PC damage (see the tell tale signs of bites, small pin holes with clear sap, etc) and this just happened in the last 7-10 days will this application do anything? I read it does have curative properties bust wasn’t sure it was 100% correct.
5.). Seeing I already had damage and with the way the weather has been should I have applied it earlier? I understand there’s a reapplication time period, and a do not exceed this amount of applications, etc but could I have applied it once a week, once every few days, etc for these last 3 weeks or so since it has rained about every other day?
5.) besides long sleeves, pants, gloves, respirator is there anything else I should have worn to protect myself? I understand it’s a little late now, but it was calm and I didn’t get any overspray on me but I guess you can never be too safe. I would hope that what ever did get on me that little amount isn’t enough to kill me in one application lol! I am just looking for more along the lines of future, cause just because 1 time didn’t kill you the effects of 20mes might over the long run.
6.) any other tips, tricks, hints, etc?
7.). I plan on using the Clemson Fruit bags this year, so I won’ be applying this besides one more time before I bag them up. Anything you can see wrong with this? Should I forgo the bags? Last year I just got hit so many times by PC it wasn’t funny. Perfect looking peaches ruined by them or ants eating them, birds, etc.

Thanks for all your help in advance!


Lol… anyone???

I know a few people here use Imidan. I do not. Maybe, @alan could help you with the answers.

for #5, I always wear glasses or some kind of an eye protection when spraying. Eye protection is important to me.

#7 I plan to use Clemson bags this year. Clemson suggests spray both insecticide (mine is Triazicide) and fungicide (mine is Immunox) right before before bagging. Bagging is tedious and using paper bags for the first time will be challenging to me. It appears need more skills are needed bagging Clemson bags than with plastic zip lock bags.

I will end up spraying at least two rounds of Triazicide+Immunox before bagging as those litte peaches are not big enough to be bagged with one round of spray at petal fall.

Did not mean to put it in bold or enlarge the font. Not sure what I did :frowning:

  1. I use a sticker
  2. I spray over 200 trees so I cover as much as possible normally try to blast the bottom as well as the top. I am probably not as precise as I have a large area to cover.
    Second 5. Looks like recommended dress attire.
  3. I normally premix in a bucket then pour into 55 gallon tank.

I’m watching with interest too Sean2280.

After reading a couple of the longer discussions on this last year (I think?) I left my pricey bag of it on the shelf and haven’t been ready to pull the trigger on it just yet. I reasoned that maybe the Triazicide I use had a less than optimal effect due to my not mixing it strong enough, shelf life, weather, etc., and that if only I would get a new, fresh bottle every time, and be more diligent on spray schedule, and stop the rains…

But it seems like no matter how diligent I am (and I found out I can’t stop the rains so…) I just am bound to have some surprises with the amount of hits I see when using Triazicide no matter what. (Or maybe at this point I shouldn’t be surprised)

So I have this 4 pound bag of Imidan in the bullpen, I’ve just been reluctant to give Triazicide the hook :slight_smile:

I usually mix Captan and Imidan with sticker. This year I am trying to spray more as needed and not as a precaution.

I do use Nufilm 17 for sticker.

@IowaJer, people say Triazicide needs to be fresh. I took a risk and bought a new bottle looking for a new stock on the shelf. In the past, it worked for me. Then, I decide to be less chemical. After losing all the peaches to pests, I figure, I will do more chemical and keeping as few sprays as possible and not yet using a big gun like Imidan :grin:

That’s what I did this year too, and still - absent dates all I have to go by is a new design bottle… “…well this here bottle has a big obtrusive red cap (which doubles as a measuring device) and last year it didn’t have that…, if I recall it was just a fairly neat looking curved on one side bottle”

Just seems like Spectracide could take the plunge and plunk a date on there somewhere. (As if fruit growing isn’t challenging enough)

So what do you guys do for a recoat? If it rains still wait a week or 2? Reapply right away even if you applied a day or so ago? Most of these chemicals state do not apply more than X number of times… I’d be afraid if I applied it during these past 2 weeks I’d go above that in a few days… but I waited and still got stung by PC…

I don’t go back and redo. If I am not seeing insect damage, scabbing, rust, or any issues I just keep a watchful eye. I’m not doing this commercially and it is only a hobby so, If I take a loss in some fruit I don’t get too excited.

I also use Imidan 70 on my few peach trees at rate of 1 TB/gallon also mixed with Captan 70. Although when my Captan 70 is used up this June, I am going back to
Captan 50. The granular Captan 70 is really a hassle for me to agitate properly in my 2 gallon pump sprayer. I mix real well and still get plugged up sometimes. Never had the issue with the Captan 50 WP so just bought 5 more pounds.

I do not use a sticker and so far have had good results controlling PC on all my fruits. This week I sprayed on Sunday morning . Tuesday we got 1.25" of rain. I will re-spray next week Sunday.

The cool wet spring we have here in SE WI has just been awful even trying to keep things sprayed. The wind has been constantly strong too. On top of that, late spring frosts have really hurt pear and plum crops. Friends about 100 miles north of me lost all their tart cherries as in full bloom when the frost hit.

One more thing… how in the world do you deal with the smell and storage? This stuff stinks! Opened the foil package and now my whole garage stinks. Even in 2 ziplock bags the smell gets through. Lol!!

Mine is stored in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid


Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the commonsensical. You don’t need to hit every square millimeter. Anything that runs off the leaves is waste. Get them wet and covered but don’t concern yourself on deciding whether any excess runs or crawls off the leaves. Depending on the force with which your sprayer puts out the leaves would get josled enough that both tops and bottoms get covered.

  1. Imidan does have some quick-back effect on the bugs that have infected the fruit. Time will tell.

  2. For stone fruit it is recommended that the first application be done at shuck split.

  3. Protection - You probably did ok but cheap coveralls are what I use. See below . Home Depot and Lowes also has loads.

  4. 3M makes inexpensive respirators. Just a sampling below - Again Hme Deot & Lowes as a fallback suplier

For $25.00 to $45.00 its not worth asking if it is needed.

Timing is important but so are the condition at the time of application. I do use Nu-Film as a sticker.

As to hints: We make plans and mother nature laughs at them.


Rain is a highly over rated obstacle. In 25 years weather has never stopped me from protecting a single orchard I manage (of course I’m on call 7 days a week during the two crucial cycles of spray here). I only spray about half of the orchards I manage, but that is around 50 of them.

Weekend after my first insecticide spray at many sites this year we got over 2" of rain- that was 1-4 days after the app. I never returned to re cover and going to most of those sites in the last 2 days everything is beautiful- very little scarring on anything including E. plums. This always seem to be the case.

I use Tactic, a latex based spreader sticker. In good drying conditions, everything is set in an hour.



Do you know of an online source for Tactic?

Welcome back!

Since we are closest in distance, I will share my results so far. I spray with Surround, so my results aren’t completely applicable, but I can provide other info.

I last sprayed Surround + Sulfur on 5/11. With the rain it just isn’t worth the time to spray Surround and we were past primary scab season for apples (sulfur) on about 5/10 if you believe the Cornell models.

I’ve been thinning these last 10 days. I haven’t had many PC hits to speak of. I maybe found 3-4 apples that got hit by PC feeding and maybe 1 egg laying scar. I haven’t been on a ladder to check all my peaches, but the ones I can see are in good shape so far. My 3 or 4 plums are clean.

A couple factors could explain this. 1) PC’s supposedly tend to migrate in to orchards and maybe stay put (??). I might have chased them all out with Surround, and they got their PC thing on elsewhere. (Michael Phillips trap tree concept.) And 2) Our daytime highs and night-time lows have been moderate to cold, which supposedly decreases PC activity. So maybe they are just lying in wait for a warm night to party in my trees.

If curcs do tend to stay put, your spray might have eliminated them. (And would help explain Alan’s good results.)

I did put down another Surround + Sulfur spray tonight. In an abundance of caution and also to repel deer, which have just recently struck with the lack of sulfur coverage.

Your closest source is CPS and if you call 845-795-2177 they can UPS you a jug that will arrive in 2-3 days. You will also be contributing to local employment. The branch that phone# connects to is a few miles north of Marlborough NY and about 20 south of Kingston if you want to drive for pick-up.


I’m horrible at conversions… do you know off hand how much per gallon?

A little over a gram. You need drug dealer equipment to measure commercially packaged pesticides for home use. The bottle comes with a measurer that functions in OZ increments.

If I ask my phone how many grams in an ounce I get an immediate verbal answer.