Immunox dosage

Immunox directions call 2/3 fl oz per gallon for apples and 1/2 fl oz per gallon for stone fruit and 1/4 fl oz per gallon for currants and strawberries. What happen if I use solution made for apples on everything else? Will it burn the plants, or make the fruit unhealthy for consumption, or just will be waste of the immunox? In my small garden gallon is a lot to cover, so if it is just waste of immunox, I can live with it instead of making 3 different solutions in hand sprayer(I mean the one you use for home cleaning).

How much your sprayer can hold. If not much, I would separate apple/plum dosage from strawberry.

I don’t spray strawberries, only apple, peach, cherry and plum. I use the apple dosage. Never have any issue.


I use the 2/3 oz/gal for all my tree fruit with no ill effects. Not sure about berries. I have apple, pear, cherry, peach.

I use captan on strawberries, usually mixed with Topsin M

I always mix my immunox for apples. I still have currants, and the rest. No problem for me.

Can you spray the trees first and then add more water before you spray berries?
I do that with neem oil. Just a thought.


Yes, this is what I did, but it is pretty much guess work, my sprayer has no fine scale, just half gallons, so kind of difficult to properly calculate.

Thanks all!