In Search of Josephine Raspberry

I’m looking for this variety Josephine! If anyone has some available and willing to sell me a plant please PM me or if anyone knows where can I find them please let me know. Thanks

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I’m looking for this variety too. :slight_smile:

@FarmGirl-Z6A @Ruben
I took a chance and bought these off Amazon last Jan. It looks like not available now:

They were very pricey - $8 each! but turned out to be the real thing, fruiting in late September. Even though it has been raining for a week, there are a few fruit still hanging on.
They taste like raspberries - can’t say they are any stronger than the usual …but having them at this time of year is a plus. I don’t have any extra shoots yet but certainly by next fall they will be spreading everywhere. I can send some then.


Hi @cdamarjian Christine, thank you for your response and for the info I actually searched and come a cross and old thread where they mentioned about someone selling them on Amazon but I’m like you found that is not available at this time but is good to know that they turned out to be the real thing for you!
If we can’t find them anywhere please keep us in mind for next fall if you end up getting some extra shoots.

Just curious, what is special about this variety? Maybe I need it too and don’t realize it yet. :joy:

One of my bushes is still producing but it got down to 28F the last couple night so I will see how the developing fruit ripens.

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When I was about to taste my first one in Sept, I was getting ready to be knocked out with raspberry flavor. I don’t think it tasted any different than my June-bearing ones. Just nice to extend the season. But looks like you already have a late bearer!

I was told that It was the greatest raspberry EVER!!!

It is a really good raspberry, too soft to ever be commercial though. The flavor is slightly different than other raspberries, more perfumed and with some unique flavor elements.

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