Increasing crops by planting twice

My vegetable garden is in a hollow with too much dew and too many harmful insects, but I can vastly extend my harvest season by planting some species twice.

Cucumbers are often devastated by cucumber beetles when spring planted, but I can often have unmolested plants if they go in the ground in mid-summer.

Tomatoes get early blight whether I plant them early or late, but by doing both I am harvesting them from late may until the first frost.

Summer squash gets borers and wilt quickly but a second planting keeps them coming for summer’s duration.


Agree. I’ve noticed the rabbits don’t eat the second cropping as heavy here either!

@alan Great idea about the tomatoes! Next year I’m thinking May 1st and then July 1st.

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Excessive rain and cool nights have suddenly blighted my last planted tomatoes- my Brandywine type seedlings that started several seasons ago as Burpee Brandyboy, are looking pretty sick, although loaded with tomatoes that will ripen- if not to peak quality. One I planted against the south wall of my house looked great until a week ago. This year I was smart enough to also replant my Valentine and Snack grape and cherry tomatoes that have more resistance. I will have tomatoes well into Nov from the greenish ones I harvest just before first frost. I will have the Brandies for another few weeks- the last will be out of the fridge. The harvest will be over in about 10 days for them, frost or no frost.


Yes, I have been reading about the excessive rain that has fallen recently in New York state. It’s the exact opposite near Memphis. I water some of the tomatoes every day.

This year planted tomatoes in two separate plots around May 1st. I planted 8 plants in the vicinity of where I had them before and I planted 12 plants in totally new ground. Tried to beat the blight but if anything, the tomatoes in the new ground blighted worse than those in the which that I had tomatoes in before.

Still getting a few small tomatoes mostly in the ground with the 8 tomatoes. I’ll try your method next year. Tough to plant tomatoes around July 1st because of the heat.

Do you start your tomatoes from seed or purchase the plants from stores/nurseries?

I saw some areas of NY received 7 inches in one day… That has to be frustrating. I hope you are able to preserve the harvest!

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I have a big cold frame or you could say an uninsulated, unheated greenhouse, but a plastic covered structure that I start all my tomatoes in and I don’t put them into the ground until they already have green tomatoes on them and are good sized plants in gallon pots. This gives me a head start on early blight, otherwise I often won’t even get a crop.

Yes, I start all my tomatoes from seed, usually from seeds I extract from my tomatoes the year before.

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It is mid-October and nights have dropped into the low '40’s lately. I still have lots of tomatoes on those late started plants, but they quickly succumbed to early blight as soon as nights got cool and rainy weather continued. The smaller tomatoes are still pretty good, especially those next to functioning leaves. 2 of 3 descendants of Brandy Boy have stopped producing anything bot partially rotting tomatoes and are just about dead from blight. I planted one against the white southern wall of my house that I’m still harvesting very good and very large tomatoes from- vines leaning against the wall still have healthy leaves. That one plant provided that vast majority of crop of that variety I harvested- all that I could use and plenty to take me well into Nov. with refrigeration. I also planted a strain of medium sized tomatoes I believe called Brentwood a member sent me seeds of from Alabama, and it has given me a lot of sound and good flavored tomatoes- they don’t tend to crack and are firm when ripe. They are now mostly dead as well but are ripening a few tomatoes yet.

Next year I will include Sungold to my late planting list. It is probably the most resistant to blight I grow. I just don’t find it all that useful for culinary use. Anyway, I like a little acid in my tomatoes. I wonder if Sungold has much vitamin C.

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