Indar(fenbuconazole) vs myclobutanil

Quick question. I have seen a lot of talk on here about Indar, and even group buys. I assume everyone is going to that trouble for a reason. Is Indar much better than myclobutanil? I only ask, because you can easily buy a pint of myclobutanil (Eagle) online which would be much easier than everyone divvying it up. Both are in fungicide group 3.

The reason I’m asking, is because I was going to buy a gallon to try and rotate fungicide classes, but then saw it was in the same class as myclobutanil which I already have.


I believe the main reason East Coast folks go for Indar is its effectiveness on brown rot.

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In my experience myclo is good for apple cedar rust but not for brown rot or blossom blight (early brown rot). Indar is more effective.

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Myclo is pretty useless against black rot/frog eye spot and fly speck/sooty blotch on apples as well.

Here’s some info from the U. of California about different fungicides.It shows that Indar is usually more effective than Rally(myclobutanil).The only place I saw,doing a cursory reading,was treating Eutypa on Apricots,where Indar has 0 effectiveness,while Rally scored a 4,with 5 being the best.
The chart comparisons,I found most useful,started at page 38,in the pdf,with Almonds.It probably matters also,what fruit is being treated and fungus targeted.


Brady, that’s a great paper. I’m going to have to print pages out to cross reference . Is there a similar paper like this for pests?

To complicate fungicide purchases, I also have Captan, mancozeb, Luna Sensation , propiconazole, and Pristine. I’m going to have to break it all down by price on those tables.


That’s a very detailed resource. I added it to the Reference Category.

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It’s wise to alternate,so resistance doesn’t build up.