Indoor citrus problem

My three citrus trees (two meyers lemons and a key lime) have suffered quite a bit since they moved from in our living room to a GH. Problems with getting the watering schedule right, various molds from the higher humidity and temp control (and my inexperience) are likely to blame for the troubles.

Lately though I think I have most of the problems in hand (still a bit too humid in the GH for them, and a few issues with white flies), but there a fairly new issue which first came up last winter but has not gone away with the warmer weather. Some leaves will get white dead areas, as shown in this pic.

I was wondering if any of the citrus growers out there might recognize what is causing this.

Another question I have is do I need to protect the citrus trees from deer? In past years I have kept them out on a raised porch attached to the house for the summer, but will probably just move them outside the GH on the ground in front. Easy access for the way too many mule deer that live here abouts. I didn’t know if I need a protective fence around them, or if deer aren’t interested in citrus.


Whenever nearby sheep got out in CA they first went to my citrus. But I don’t remember deer damage.

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Thanks @fruitnut

What the deer here think is tasty has a lot to do with the availability of wild food.

When my vegie garden was smaller, I would grow squash on the row right next to the fence, and guide the vines thru the fence to the outside. Most years, the deer paid no attention to the squash vines in the open, but on drought years they would start eating those vines back to the fence. Can’t imagine how hungry they mist have been to eat a squash vine, with all those hairs which cause itching.

So if the sheep liked citrus, chances are deer will too, especially if they are food challenged…

Any thoughts on the leaf spots?

Possibly just damage from the whiteflies. Yellow sticky traps may work well for you.

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Thanks @figgrower. I have been a bit lax on the GH spray schedule and do have some signs of white flys but I never knew they could produce that type of damage.

I think you’re right, time to pull out the yellow stickies…