Indoor citrus

My kumquats are ripening up nicely. Hopefully one more week or so untill they are ready to eat.

This is a graft supplied by @Hillbillyhort. The graft took, grew very little, then made these kumquats. I knew I should have pulled off the flowers but let my emotions get the best of me. Hopefully the graft grows after the fruit is harvested.

Also starting to get flowers on the Meyer lemon.


Those kumquat’s look great !Good job !
They are , I believe my favorite indoor citrus.
Productive in a small space , just the right size for delightful
Citrus snack in January. I have ate most of mine, still a few
So fun to lean over from your chair and pick one mid winter !


I just picked a Ponderosa lemon, they are huge. I have a few meyers getting bigger.

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