Information re: Redglow plum?

Hey guys.

I just purchased a Redglow plum tree, but information seems really scant on this variety online. I purchased it mostly as a pollinator for my other Japanese plums and hybrid plum trees.

I believe it is a cross between a Japanese and American plum. From what I gather this variety will likely pollinate other plum hybrids and Japanese varieties (but not likely Euro’s?).

I was wondering as to it’s suitability as a rootstock. I did find several studies listing it as having resistance to different diseases, but little other info. As a hybrid would both Japanese and Euro plums be a candidate to be grafted to it?

Conversely would scions from this tree be able to be grafted to existing Japanese, Euro, and other hybrid trees I already have? I was thinking it would be nice to graft a branch to a few other varieties to help with increasing pollination chances.

Does anyone have any personal experience or information regarding the Redglow plum variety.