Insect and Disease Identification Thread

There have been several threads posted here where people have asked about identifying certain insects or potential diseases associated with their fruit trees. I created one myself and also asked about bugs inside other people’s threads and it’s hard to keep track of where I asked things. I thought it may be a good idea to have a single thread where people can post pictures of critters and bugs and other things that they have trouble identifying. I had one potential pest that I was hoping was an assassin beetle but it ended up being a destructive locust leaf miner. It’s buried in a thread and I’m certain many people never got a chance to see it.

So today I’m taking an early morning look at my trees and I see this. I’ve never seen one and have no clue what it is. I don’t think it looks like a harmful pest but I’m curious what it might be. Could be a good pest for all I know. Anyone have an idea what this is? Likely some type of fly but it has a curled abdominal similar to a mayfly.


If no one ID’s this insect for you, Bug Guide is a great place to go:

And it would be a Golden-Backed Snipe Fly:

Appears to be mainly a predator insect.


And it’s gorgeous like so many of them, both beneficial and destructive to what we value.

I thought I’d repose a pic of the bug i found on my Honeycrisp tree a few weeks ago. Some thought it could be a beneficial assassin beetle but it turned out to be a locust leafminer. These bugs generally effect locust trees but are opportunists. It’s a neat looking bug but you don’t want it around your orchard.


What is your camera? The detail and focus is outstanding!

Lol. Those pictures are were taken on my Galaxy S5 cell phone.

It does a great job for a phone camera. Back in the day with film you couldn’t get that detail w/o spending $1000 and 4 hrs set up.

I just saw this guy on my nectaplum. I believe it’s a Southern Hawker dragonfly. Sorry for the out of focus pic. I’d imagine this guy’s is good to have around. He was huge.


Wow, that is a BIG dragonfly, and yes, they are beneficials. Our dragonflies here are usually orangeish red.

I just saw this guy on my flavor king pluot. Anyone know what it is? He was actually quite smart. Was very hard to take his picture as he kept circling away from the camera.

I also this critter on my black gold cherry. The tree is growing wonderfully and maybe too vigously at this point. Sorry the image is so poor as I took 2 pics and both of them turned out blurry. But it was colorful but not shiney.

Lastly, the same cherry is definately under attack by japanese beetles. They laughed at my when I hit them with triazicide. 30 minutes after spraying I took a closer look at the tree and saw 6 beetles on it including a mating pair. What can I do to kill them?

Dave, where are you located? Bugs are geographical, and we need to know where in the country you live.

Mid Atlantic area Patty. WV to be exact. After googling things I believe both of those bugs are some type of leaf hopper. Seems like the nasty bugs are certainly beginning to show their faces here.

Exactly what I was going to say, Dave. Some sort of leafhopper. And yes, they are nasty little guys. There are a gazillion different types of leafhoppers, and some of them can inflict a painful bit.

Tonight I saw what I think is an assassin bug on my Chicago Hardy fig. I did not kill it as I’ve heard they are beneficial. I believe they do sting humans if provoked. He was small though and my arms are hairy. Maybe he was saying thanks for not killing him. Haha

Pic is blurry. Sorry about that

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Speed, Be careful around that bug. I think they prey on hairy, freckled armed humans!!


Anyone know what this guy is? He was spotted on my lapins

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Ichneumon wasp, one in the Pimpla genus.


Good guy?

Good guy. Very good guy.

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I believe this is an assassin bug?