Insect and Disease Identification Thread

washed it off, are these mites?

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What is the extent of the aphid infestation? How tall are the plum trees?
Are there a hundred affected leaves, or are there thousands?
If the infestation is small and low, I would pinch off all affected leaves and then
spray water or other substance if needed.
You can experiment with a blast of water and see if that is effective.

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it was the tips of two branches, the end leaves. a few dozen. about waist high. the tree is only another foot higher than that. I sprayed them off, cut those tips back and will hope for the best- I’ve got “fruit tree spray” I could use or sevin but I hate to put anything on when the bees are around in the garden. there’s ladybugs on a neighboring tree but none on this one for some reason

Anyone know what this tiny little insect is on my greenhouse avocados? It’s very small, like on par with small aphids.


Looks very similar to one posted here on 2 May:

I think I can see the long antennae shadows in your images although the antennae are hard to see.

Identified as an Outer Barklouse, not a pest of fruit or foliage.

any idea? Peach tree in SE Michigan at my parents place. Also the peaches all seems to be emitting sap?

Looks like peach leaf curl to me. Copper spray in the fall and in the spring. I had to do this to one of my peach trees on year. Check the package of copper liquid spray to give you more info. Mine has not come back after I sprayed them twice.


Korean Giant pear, possible fireblight that I noticed early?

First on is OFM maybe what is damaging peaches too. You should be able to find the grub in the shoot. Classic flagging.

Second is peach leaf curl likely residual from the spring. Some pepile remove the affected leaves hoping to reduce pressure. At this point laves are established so it shouldn’t spread.

Looks like early fb to me. Only way to know would be to leave it. I would just remove it

Thanks, yeah I did… Have seen lots of photos of it here and other places, certainly looked suspicious. Just have not ever dealt with it personally and wanted to make sure others agreed. Again, thanks.

Apple this time, perhaps 300’ away from the pear that appeared to have a fireblight strike. Ugh…

That is probably from oriental fruit moth (worms in the peaches). Some of the tips look bent over and that is also probably OFM - they drill into the shoot tips. The bubbly things are definitely peach leaf curl.

It looks like they are going to need to be doing some sprays if they are going to get any good peaches.

Thank you. Any recommendation for the fruit moth? I think I’ve read the peach leaf curl Might as wait until end of season to spray.

Look at the spray schedules in the guides section … probably too late for this year for these peaches but you can control things better next year.


I wonder if someone can help me with a problem where a large part of my squash vine suddenly stopped flourishing and wilted, and upon closer inspection, at the base of the stem the healthy light green herbaceous stem has turned into a white, rockhard, woody/sclerotic material that looks like it no longer has any fluid or sap in it. And it just snapped in half. So it looks likeSome disease process damaged the stem hardening it and preventing nutrients and water from flowing. The specific Cultivar of squash is tromboncino, Which I selected because they say it’s supposed to be resistant to squash bugs that bore inside of the stems.

These are very cute so I’m going to share some dill with them :smiley:


Swallowtail babies! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: They will decimate the dill.

Cucumber beetle should be the first culprit to consider in any squash or melon plant demise. I don’t grow any such things any more due to those pests. They carry a disease called bacterial wilt which does in the plants.