Insect and Disease Identification Thread


You are probably right @fruitnut. The GH is ventilated, but in the spring and fall it is not fully opened and at night the humidity can shoot up.

Perhaps some copper and better ventilation. Any suggestions as far as sprays go?


Fungal diseases aren’t something I deal with much. My GH isn’t normally humid enough to cause issues and outside is bone dry. We haven’t had but 0.2 inch total since Sept.


Any ideas what insect these are from? That’s the underside of an apple leaf. It’s been about 3 weeks since our last freeze.


Looks like aphids to me. But ill defer to someone more knowledgable.


Aphid eggs are more oblong,like rice grains.
They could be Stinkbug and the colors vary with the type.Brady


Larry knows a lot about insects and their eggs. Hopefully he will chime in.


Could be either moth or bug egg clusters, keep a close eye on the hatchlings and post that picture.


I have no idea. It’s on my crabapple tree and the ants love it. Aphids? Pollen? Help?


Yes,they look like Aphids.If possible,blast them off with water.
The Ants can be stopped by putting Tanglefoot around the trunk,about a foot above the ground.I usually make a band of masking tape,about 3-4 inches wide and smear the stuff on that. Brady


Good guy, bad guy?


I can do that. I’m about to spray veggies for bugs, maybe hit the trees?


An insecticide?If the label has Aphids listed,it’s probably alright.Make sure also,about when it says to do it.
Not sure about the Caterpillar,but they are usually leaf eaters. Brady



. A good friend in Georgia suggested it for my garden. It doesn’t take much and doesn’t kill bees…


I haven’t used Spinosad against Aphids,but it might help.Usually a little liquid dish soap and vegetable oil mixed in water works for me.Brady


Ha! Sounds like NEEM oil…


Spinosad does kill bees when it is wet. After it is dry, it is ok. At least that is what I read.


Damn. Not what I was told but i did not research it. I’ll be careful…Shouldn’t need a heavy spry either so that may help.


University of California recommends spraying at dawn and dusk.

Maybe your friend was thinking of BT which I believe only targets caterpillars.


Your fuzzy caterpillar is typical of those in the Arctiidae moth family (Tiger Moths). If numerous, BT could be useful.


Sorry, What is BT?