Insect of several legs @ 2"

I am finding new things this year. This guy I removed with my clippers and he sorta struck but slowly (maybe he knew he was getting cut to be sent on the bird feeder) several times at my pruner blade. I wasn’t about to pick this one up between my fingers. NW, IL. on a walnut.

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My son found this very camouflaged caterpillar. Might be the same? I haven’t looked up the ID yet.


That son of a gun of mine, I put my hand on him to find him. He didn’t move. It was behind where I was standing, unfortunately, but I knew it wasn’t the tree, and it didn’t move. I thought to myself, “camouflage” looking at it.

Looks like underwing catepillar. That type likes juglans leaves and others. This is one but there are others that like juglans too.


Yes, mine wouldn’t budge when you poked it or pushed it. When left alone, it moved like an inch worm.

Thank you John.

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