Interesting Comice Seedling

I planted a seed from a purchased Comice pear, and this resulting seedling is very intriguing. It is super drought resistant, disease resistant with pristine leaves, and vigorous.

Its vigorous growth habit and super disease resistance is very similar looking to Magness and Warren here, so I wonder if it is a possible cross with Seckel. I’m not getting my hopes up, but it is very intriguing none the less, and it would be a great surprise if it turns out to be delicious!

It is growing next to its mini me (possibly a seed from the same fruit and very similar but smaller) and an apple seedling.



Looks like a fine specimen.


Comice has a lot of good children. Sounds like you know about Warren and Magness. There are others people are testing in this thread like rogue red. You wonder if Comice could be used in breeding projects like a red delicious. Red Delicious was made to spawn many commercial apples that outcompete it today and you wonder if Comice is the same.

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