Interesting Find

Here is a better picture of the size of these persimmons.
My hand isn’t much of a good scale.

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Hello all.
I managed to collect a nut from the tree some here thought was a Hican.
It’s definitely a Hican. Top is Hican nut from tree I’ve posted earlier, bottom is Pecan nut from huge old tree also posted earlier.


Glad you posted the extra pictures. The hican is obvious from glabrous leaves, bark, suture wings on the nut, and other traits even without the nut pic. By the look of it, it is a Shellbark X Pecan hybrid. It is not Mcallister as the nuts are wrong shape and not large enough. Possibly it is Bixby though I’ve never seen nuts to confirm.

The black walnut is also a grafted tree so a named variety by the looks. If you can get a few nuts to crack and show the kernels, there is a good chance I can ID it. I can exclude Sauber #1, S147, Thomas, McGinnis, Sparrow, Emma K, Ohio, S127, Rohwer, Schreiber, Surprise, and Farrington based on shape and size.

I have no idea what variety the persimmon is.