Interesting Grafting Option! I have a drill!

I don’t understand what is being said… but I understand pictures and video!

Haven’t seen this method before!


He should have dropped a mic after performing those grafts. Haha. I have to admit I’ve set around and tried to think of new ways to graft and that method never crossed my mind. My first thought was that he was being awful rough on the cambium layer of those scions but he’s obviously had success. I could see this really excelling at getting perfect crotch angles for grafts. Making the assumption that the callus is strong.

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Someone actually posted this drill method before but I cannot recall who at the moment. It stuck in my head because I felt it was butchery and yet admired the method also. Felt the same way years ago about cleft grafts when I first saw them , brutal but ingenious. There are times when this could be a very good method!

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Looks interesting. Could be great for precise limb location and crotch angles.

It is interesting for sure, especially when he went right into the trunk where there hadn’t been a branch before. But in several grafts it appeared that instead of cutting off the entire branch he could have just grafted to a six-inch stubb! Maybe he did it that way for the sake of demonstration.

Anybody know what he was spreading on the finished graft?

At any rate he clearly knew his stuff.

Mastil Grafting Compound. No VOC stuff.

it doesn’t matter as long as there’s some cambium contacts, and the union is stable, the grafts would take.